Subway 1 Line of Naples

La 1 line of the Naples Metro, the main artery of Neapolitan public transport, has been operating since the beginning of the 90 years under the management of ANM. Since then it is still in continuous development, thanks to the opening of new stops, especially in recent years. Award winnerMost innovative approach to station development"In the 2009, surpassing the more than 300 competitors thanks to the many"art stations". The line counts 18 stations, 33 the minutes needed to travel the entire route Piscinola - Garibaldi.


They are divided into three time slots: weekdays, holidays and summer.

Weekday - dto Garibaldi to Piscinola
06.20 - 07.30 (10 ')
07.30 - 21.45 (9 ')
from 21.45 (14 ')

Weekday - from Piscinola to Garibaldi
06.00 - 06.50 (10 ')
06.50 - 21.05 (9 ')
from 21.05 (14 ')

Festive - from Garibaldi to Piscinola

06.20 - 14.40 (10 ')
14.40 - 18.43 (12 ')
18.43 - 21.44 (10 ')
from 21.44 (14 ')

Festive - from Piscinola to Garibaldi

06.00 - 14.00 (10 ')
14.00 - 18.03 (12 ')
18.03 - 21.04 (10 ')
from 21.04 (14 ')

Summer hours:

From 6.00 to 21.00 with a frequency of 14 minutes.
From 21 pm to the end of the service, the frequency is 20 minutes.

The stops of the Metro Line 1 of Naples


Garibaldi station

Station of the art, it is an important interchange with the railway of Napoli Centrale, the 2 Line and the Circumvesuviana. It is located in a central area of ​​the city. Operating from 2013.

Station of the art


University Station

The art station activated in the 2011 connects with via Depretis, via Marina and corso Umberto I and is named after being located in piazza Bovio, near various faculties of the Eastern and Federico II universities.

Station of the art


Town Hall Station

One of the most popular art stations in the world dates back to 2015. It connects with Piazza Municipio, via Depretis, via Medina and the Maritime Station and in the future will be home to a station of the 6 Line.

Station of the art

Render of the duomo station in naples

Duomo station

The Duomo station opened in mid-2021, still incomplete but already active as a service line. During the excavation, numerous archaeological finds were discovered on the site.

Station of the art

Toledo subway station, Naples

Toledo station

The art station has won numerous international awards. It allows travel in Via Toledo, Piazza Carità and in the Spanish quarters. Its inauguration dates back to the 2012.

Station of the art


Dante station

Also a station of art, it is located under the homonymous square in the heart of Naples. It connects with the Bellini theater and via Toledo, as well as with the historical center. Made in the 2002.

Station of the art

Station museum

Museum Station

Inaugurated in the 2000, the art station is connected to the Cavour of the 2 Line via a mobile underpass. It is located a few steps from the National Museum, the Duomo and the historic center of Naples.

Station of the art


Maternal Station

In the 2003 it was created this airport, belonging to the art stations. It connects with the Arenella district and the Sanità district and is located in Piazza Scipione Ammirato, in the hinterland of the city.

Station of the art


Salvator Rosa Station

The art station is a good interchange with different lines of public transport. It is located in the homonymous street that connects the Vomero with the Historic Center and was built in the 2001.

Station of the art


Four Days Station

Belonging to the circuit of art stations, it is in operation by the 2000 and is located in the square of the same name, located in the Vomero district. It is near the Collana stadium.

Station of the art


Vomero station

Inaugurated in the 1993, it became the art station of the 2004 following a restoration. It is located in the homonymous square and connects with different lines of the funicular, as well as the Villa Floridiana and Castel Sant'Elmo.

Station of the art

-meter gold medals

Medals of Gold Station

This station is located in the Arenella district and is a hub of interchange with different urban lines. Built in the 1993, it is a few steps from the Church of San Gennaro in Antignano.

Simple station


Montedonzelli station

The airport was completed in 1993 and is located in the Arenella district, in Via Gioacchino Murat. The exit leading to via Montedonzelli goes back to the 2006.

Simple station


Rione Alto Station

The art station was created in the 1993 in via Mariano Semmola, in the homonymous district. It is not far from the Pascale hospital and connects with various urban and interurban bus lines.

Station of the art


Policlinico station

It is named after this because it is located between the Policlinico and the Cardarelli hospital, but it is also within walking distance of Monaldi and Cotugno. Opened in the 1993, the airport is crucial because of its proximity to hospitals.

Simple station


Colli Aminei Station

The station is located in the hilly area of ​​Naples, in via Saverio Gatto. It is not far from the Capodimonte Museum and from the hospital area. Founded in 1993, it was the terminus of the 1 Line up to the 1995.

Simple station


Frullone station

The inauguration of this stop goes back to the 1995, as part of the extension works up to Piscinola. Located in via Marco Rocco di Torrepadula, it is connected to a parking lot by 600 places.

Simple station


Chiaiano station

The station was built in 1995 and is located in via Santa Maria a Cubito. It is one of the busiest because it connects to several buses that lead to neighboring municipalities, such as Giugliano, Marano and Qualiano.

Simple station


Piscinola station

The terminus serves the districts of Piscinola and Scampia and is the gateway to the so-called Northern Area of ​​Naples. The station connects to the Arcobaleno Napoli-Aversa Line and was created in the 1995.

Simple station

Traffic on the 1 Metro Line of Naples.
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