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The best fryers in Naples

The best fryers in Naples

Fragrant, crisp and inimitable: here is where the real fried made in Naples is found in the best friggitorie of the city!

in best fryers in Naples you can taste the most exquisite Neapolitan street food, to be enjoyed strolling quietly in the city.

In fact, on the streets of Naples it is easy to notice someone who feeds a fried pizza, a crocchè, a pasta frittatina, a supplì or the typical "Cuppetiello". Whether it's 10 in the morning or 7 in the evening, it's always the right time to go to fry and enjoy the delicacies of the street food made in Naples.

Despite the new culinary trends in European style, the Neapolitan fry classic reigns undisturbed and is always the most loved by citizens and tourists.

The capital of Campania is, without a doubt, the capital of the fried that, like pizza, has ancient origins born right in the popular city heart. Here, then, the places where you can taste them best fries in Naples, famous for the excellence of their fried products.


Passion of Sofì

Passion of Sofì is a fryer located in via Toledo that, through the choices culinary and design of the restaurant, wants to remember the ancient Neapolitan fry shops. Managed by Angelo Terzo, it was immediately successful thanks to the proposals for alternative fried foods such as Of Salt cod fritters and anchovies of Cetara. There are proposals for frying both vegetables and land.

Sofio's Passion Counter

economic 081 405141 Via Toledo, 206


Friggitoria Vomero

Vomero fryer is defined as a real cornerstone of food addiction for over 75 years. The success of the venue is due in the crunchiness of its frying, light, and cheap. The most popular specialties are the grown pasta, the crocchè, arancini, breaded and fried aubergines, scagliozzi of polenta and of ciurilli. All fried foods are characterized by a perfect browning, without grease and prepared with genuine ingredients.

economic 081 578 3130 Via Cimarosa, 44



The Imperatore rotisserie, located in the Aminei Hills, has been guaranteeing the goodness and perfection of its fried foods for years. His fried dishes still retain the flavors and aromas of ancient Naples, which have remained completely intact. Among its delights dominate over all arancini white or red, the omelettes, the mountain pizzas, the sfoglini with spinach and the sweet staples. Prices in the standard.

economic 081 743 5629 Viale Colli Aminei, 66


The pan

From the 1959 The Pan is a point of reference for the savory and fried specialties of Vomero and Arenella. His are very famous frittatas prepared with bucatini dressed with béchamel, meat, peas and cheese, fried pizzas both with escarole and with ham and its crocchè. The selected raw materials are of high quality and make the light and tasty fried.
The Pan is also famous for the goodness of the roast chicken and baked potatoes many considered among the best in Naples and you can also find first and second courses daily. It is open for both lunch and evening and is very convenient to eat with taste without spending much.

economic 081 556 1019 Piazza Arenella, 21



Fiorenzano has always been the true artist of Neapolitan frying in the historic center, located in one of the most popular and picturesque areas of Naples: via Pignasecca. Fiorenzano is synonymous with frying, goodness and quality. Noteworthy are the "cuoppi", Consisting of pasta fritters, arancini, crocchè, stuffed and non-cooked" ciurilli ", battered zucchini and aubergines," zeppulelle "and Tripe, typical dish of ancient Naples. The prices are cheap, the frying is perfect and your palate will be more than satisfied.

economic 349 781 0146 Via Pignasecca, 14


The Cuoppo

Il Cuoppo is a "revelation" fryer located in the center of Spaccanapoli. Besides proposing classic fried foods with first choice ingredients, its novelty consists of traditional and revolutionary cuoppi.
In fact, it is possible to choose between classic earthen cuoppo or sweet cuoppo, with nutella staples. But the most beloved is that of fish, prepared with shrimp and calamari, fresh and fried at the moment. Cheap prices and lots of taste.

economic 331 861 6106 Via San Biagio dei Librai, 23



Already famous for fried pizza, Di Matteo is a staple in the panorama of Neapolitan frying. The fries are light, crunchy and inviting and it is impossible not to find people in front of the window waiting for their turn. Specialty is the macaroni frittatina  with bucatini, minced meat, peas and bechamel, to be tried in accompaniment with supplì, zeppole and panzarotti. The prices are low and the portions are generous.

economic 081 455262 Via dei Tribunali, 94


Oliva - Concettina ai Tre Santi

The historic pizzeria of Sanità is also famous for the quality of its fried as well as light and tasty pizzas thanks to the leavening that lasts more than seven hours.
Ingredients very chosen and as close to the excellence of Campania are the basis of fried food served by Oliva: potato cross, montanara alla genovese with coppered onion, ziti, lemon zest, parmesan and minced meat. A particularity is or 'virzo with brown rice and mashed potatoes, resting on a bed of cabbage with bacon, chilli and Bagnolese pecorino cheese. Excellent quality and low prices.

economic 081 290037 Via Arena della Sanità, 7 Bis


Stay at Materdei

Starita a Materdei is another standard-bearer of the tradition of Neapolitan pizza and frying in the world, thanks to its Neapolitan headquarters and New York. Pizzas and ingredients of the highest level with a great variety of flavors and tastes and an eye for celiacs. To try the angels, pieces of pizza dough fried and seasoned with cherry tomatoes and rocket or with nutella. Excellent traditional fries from crocchè ai pumpkin flowers stuffed with ricotta. Excellent quality, very light fry and very tasty for cheap prices.

economic 081 557 3682 Via Materdei, 27 / 28


Pizzeria Salvo

The Salvo brothers' pizzeria is a pearl located in San Giorgio a Cremano. Become famous and much appreciated for the meticulous research of raw materials and for collaborations with starred chefs and local artisans. The pizzeria is also famous for its fried like the pasta and potato omelette, crocchè not breaded which owes its crunchiness to the mastery of the one who fry it and, last but not least, the pasta omelette with bucatini Gragnano, cooked and béchamel. The wine and craft beer menu is also very well supplied. Excellent value for money.

economic 081 275306 Largo Arso 10-16, St. George a Cremano