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The best hamburgeries in Naples and surroundings: sandwiches with high quality meat

The best burgers in Naples

The best hamburgeries in Naples and in the province offering meat from Chianina, Fassona and Florentine for sandwiches with excellent quality meat.

Who prefers meat, can not lose the best hamburgerie in Naples and province with hamburgers of Chianina, Fassona and Fiorentina.

In addition to the best pizzas in the world, in fact, in Naples and in the surroundings there are also many perfect hamburgeries for lovers of sandwiches or meat to be enjoyed at the dish with side dishes.
Between butchers in the evening become sandwich shops, pubs and traveling vans famous throughout Campania, there are many places that offer high quality burgers.

With the advance of gourmet culture, moreover, many sandwich shops also offer much more sought after products and with couplings to envy starred chefs.

Here is a guide to best hamburgerie of Naples and province.


Puok Burger Store

From a very famous blogger to a very busy owner hamburgeria al Vomero, Puok and Med he was able to make his own passion for food a real job. Egidio Cerrone, this his real name, after having tried in first person the best local of the Campania opened the Puok Burger Store, a place for take away sandwiches where the specialties are the burgers.
Prepare yourself daily with the meat of a trusted butcher, their quality is excellent, as is that of the other ingredients and bread. The menu only provides 6 sandwiches, plus special 1 that varies every month, of which 3 are with burgers. Among the most requested is the Django that, in addition to the hammer, provides bacon, onions, fried onion, provola and barbecue sauce. To be tasted absolutely also the others with grilled vegetables, while among the burger-free sandwiches deploys the Mammà, with fried meatball, aubergine parmigiana, fonduta with basil and provola.

Puok Burger

medium / high nd Via Francesco Cilea, 104 - 81027 Naples


Great Butcher Egidio

The local of Egidio is one of the fixed points of the province of Naples. It is located in Portici, but customers come from all over Campania to try their sandwiches. And the first "paninomacelleria" of the regionIn fact, during the day it works as a normal butchery and in the evening it turns into a sandwich shop that sells sandwiches with various types of meat. All are cuts of the highest quality and genuine, but among all the hamburger with Chianina meat stands out, but you can also choose those of chicken and turkey. The specialty of the restaurant is Crumbled (also with sausage) that can be associated with any type of contour (and they are tens). There is a menu with proposals, but you can compose the sandwich at will and will always be generous in size. Outside there is a small space to sit down.

planet nd Via Francesco Cilea, 104 - 81027 Naples


Hamburgeria da Gigione

Gigione is another of the institutions of the province of Naples and Campania, is located in Pomigliano d'Arco and is the favorite destination of hundreds of customers from all over the region, which crowd it especially at weekends. Also Gigione by day it is a renowned butchery, while in the evening it becomes a hamburgheria, and then extends also to braceria. The Cariulo brothers who run it always choose high quality meats and the burgers are all from Chianina Igp. You can choose any ingredient to compose your own sandwich and being able to also choose the degree of cooking of the meat. The bread is ordered by a trusted bakery and you can have both the peasant and the soft sandwiches with sesame or poppy seeds.
A must for all meat lovers who will be satisfied by the goodness of the sandwich and its size.

planet Braceria 081.88445 99 - Butcher 081.8030048 Hamburgheria-Braceria: Via Roma, 307 - 80038 Pomigliano d'Arco Butchery Hamburgheria Via Trieste, 71 - 80038 Pomigliano d'Arco


Paninoteca of Ciro Mazzella

Historical local road of Monte di Procida, on the panoramic road, the Ciro Mazzella sandwich shop for more than 40 years makes all customers who taste their creations happy. And Ciro continues undaunted, from the top of his 60 years and beyond, to prepare delicious sandwiches with his loyal plate which gives meat and bread that extra touch. The hamburger, also in the version of Chianina, is delicious and goes perfectly with the Sardinian bread, now the pride of the restaurant. You can customize the sandwich to your liking, also choosing to stuff it with double burgers, and the side dishes are of all types. Vegetables and vegetables are grown infamily vegetable garden, synonymous with guarantee.
The plate in which Mazzella and her children cook is in sight and is surrounded by a few tables in which to sit down. High quality also other meats, from sausage to pork.

planet 081 868 2814 Via Panoramica, 27 - 80070 Monte Di Procida (NA)


Cerrone Burger Store

The Cerrone Burger Store is located on the Posillipo hill, with a second location in Aversa. Managed by three brothers with a passion for quality meat is one of the points of reference for lovers of hamburgers in Naples. One of his specialties is theHamburger Cerrone, made with 130 grams of meat and with onions, to eat with bacon, lettuce and barbecue sauce or even with provola. In the menu, though, there are many other delicious combinations like the one with omelette, bacon and brie, the one with eggs and bacon or the one with stretched bacon, cheddar and egg. The selection of other meats is remarkable, including sausages, angus, entrecote, chicken, cordon bleu or wurstel, but surely the strong point is the hamburger, even in the Scottona version.
Customers can choose in person the cut of meat they prefer and the embers are exposed.

medium / high 081 769 0276 Via S. Strato, 12 - 80123 Naples



The Blackburger is located in Frattamaggiore and the owners of the restaurant, the spouses Giuseppe Auriemma and Ilaria Capuozzi, have as their objective to to do justice to the hamburger making it an almost "noble" dish. In fact, every ingredient in the menu is of the highest quality and the dishes are very refined. The meat is ordered by a butcher from Sannio and, from the steaks of the Marche to the black pork sausage from Caserta, also mentioning the vegetables and cheeses of the territory, everything is very genuine.
His specialty is theAmericanino, with double hamburger, cheddar, bacon and basil oil and the CCBI Burger with burgers, scamorza, bacon and grilled aubergines. The bread is naturally leavened, soft inside and crunchy outside, the perfect completion for an irresistible product.

planet 339 352 5163 Via Vittorio Emanuele III ', 167, 80027 Frattamaggiore NA


Penny Black

Penny Black is a famous pub in Naples with three locations in the city, but the best known are those at Vomero and on the beautiful Lungomare. The quality of the meat used for the sandwiches is very high and the burgers are almost divine. There are both Chianina and Florentine burgers that form an inimitable marriage with products such as English bacon, provolone del Monaco, broccoli, mozzarella, provola and much more. The prices are a little higher than average, but the taste experience is at the top, especially if you accompany the sandwich with one of the draft beers, among which stands out the pump tap, that is without the help of gas like carbon dioxide.

medium / high : 328 681 5406 Via Enrico Alvino 134 / b, 80129, Naples, via Giacinto Gigante, 35 - 80135 | via Partenope 9 - 80121 Naples


12 Bites

12 Morsi is one gourmet hamburgerie which is located in Chiaia and often collaborates with Michelin-starred chefs for inclusion in the menu of original and sought-after sandwiches. It's called that because it takes only 12 bites to eat a sandwich, but the experience will be very intense. The quality of its hamburgers is unrivaled also because the owners have made their experience in the United States to learn more about the finest meats and all their hamburgers are PGI certified. There are both the Chianina and the Marchigiana, but also Japanese wagyu beef (Kobe) and you can choose side dishes such as cheddar westcombe, friarielli, caramelized Tropea red onion, eggs, salami and various vegetables. The bread is very soft and not industrial.

high 081 1858 412 Via Alabardieri, 34 - 80121 Naples


Tortora and the City Pub

The butcher Tortora del Vomero is an institution of the neighborhood and is among those who in the evening decided to become a sandwich shop. Indeed, The City Pub is the small local takeaway where you can eat one of the best burgers in Naples, but among the specialties there are also other meats such as sausage and pork. The sandwiches are for all tastes, but among the best there are definitely those with Chianina burgers to be completed with side dishes of your choice. For the most greedy, there is also the very high sandwich with double hamburger, tomato, provola and cheddar, a sort of high food tower that can not be resisted.

planet 081 556 0866 Viale Michelangelo 42 - 80129 Naples


Gigino is always a friend

One of the most famous sandwich shops in Campania, it is located in Ercolano and is a must for meat lovers. It defines itself "the king of the sandwich"And to confirm it are the many customers who have been attending it for years. In fact, "Gigino is always a friend" is a walking pub that shows up in the square with his van and when he opens his doors the public is always a party, thanks to his joviality and the always new motto he invents. The burgers are made with meat of excellent quality, as well as sausages and porchetta, and every evening you can choose between more than 30 fresh side dishes. The wait is a bit 'long, but the product will pay off the patience.

economic nd Piazza Pugliano - 80056 Ercolano (NA)