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Naples from above, the best vantage points to admire breathtaking views

The 5 best vantage points to admire the city of Naples from above!

"From San Martino see the whole city", recites the verse of a famous song by Pino Daniele, the most loved Neapolitan singer-songwriter who passed away last January 2014.

As if to allude to the fact that, to admire ours Napoli, the most fascinating way is to caress it with the look from above, from scenic spots more frequented by the citizens themselves.

Glimpses of postcard, caught at sunset or dawn, or when the sun floods buildings, churches and monuments, breathtaking views in an atmosphere constantly suspended between sky and sea, Naples offers many enchanting places to be scrutinized from above from tourists, visitors and its inhabitants. Giving away always different aspects of themselves, always magical, from which to take amazing pictures.


San Martino and Castel Sant'Elmo

One of the most evocative views of Naples, which embraces the whole city with a glance, can be admired from the Piazzale di San Martino which extends in front of the famous Certosa, on the Vomero hill. You can sit on the wall or on a free bench, to observe from above the old town, the bell tower of Santa Chiara and Spaccanapoli, a clear and defined road that literally cuts the city in two, until you reach the Centro Direzionale.
For a more complete view you have to climb to the stands of Castel Sant'Elmo, whose entrance is a few meters before the square of San Martino, where you can admire the entire promenade, from Santa Lucia to Posillipo, but also Castel dell'Ovo, the Maschio Angioino, Piazza del Plebiscito, the port, the promontory of Posillipo, the island of Capri and, of course, the Vesuvius.



Hermitage of the Camaldoli

But you have to climb even higher to remain enraptured by the beauty of the city. dall 'Hermitage of the Camaldoli, at 485 meters above sea level, undoubtedly the highest place in Naples, the Belvedere located outside the splendid 16th century church offers a spectacular view of the entire city. Not only Vesuvio, the promenade and the historic center but also the Sorrento peninsula and Capo Posillipo, the three islands of the gulf (Ischia, Procida and Capri), the Vomero hill and the districts of Fuorigrotta, Soccavo, Agnano, Pozzuoli and Campi Flegrei. When the weather is clear you can enjoy a splendid and wide view from the Camaldoli hill on much of Campania which reaches the mountains of Lazio and Sannio, including the massif of Roccamonfina, the archipelago of the ponziane islands and the Matese plateau.



Posillipo - the Terrazza di Sant'Antonio

To admire the "postcard Naples" par excellence you have to go to Posillipo, on the terrace in front of the Church of Sant'Antonio, on one of the so-called "thirteen descents", the evocative ramps that connect Posillipo to Mergellina. From here the view that opens before the eyes is the most classic and symbolic of the city of Naples itself. The blue of the sky and the blue of the sea, the Vesuvius that stands out against the backdrop of the gulf, Castel dell'Ovo extending over the sea, the noble houses of the Riviera di Chiaia that frame the seafront going upwards, up to the hill of Vomero that culminates in Castel Sant'Elmo. You can not think of visiting Naples without stopping for a few minutes on this beautiful terrace that seems to have been built to admire one of the most evocative views of Naples, the one that made it famous all over the world.



Virgilian Park

From the Parco Virgiliano instead, known by the Neapolitans as "The Park of Remembrance", you can admire other beauties of the city, taking advantage of a relaxed atmosphere and far from the chaos of the city. Located on the sea, on the promontory of Posillipo, crossed by the Grotta di Seiano and close to Coroglio, the Virgiliano is a real panoramic park built in terraces overlooking the Gulf of Naples.
From here it is possible to see at a glance both the city view, which includes the historic center, the promenade, Vesuvius the three islands of the archipelago and the Sorrento peninsula, and the Phlegrean area, with the districts of Agnano, Fuorigrotta, Pianura , the Gulf of Pozzuoli, the Gulf of Bacoli, Monte di Procida.

One of the widest terraces overlooks in front of the islet of Nisida, extraordinarily close from here, while on the right we overlook Bagnoli and the remains of the Italsider. From any point, from the Virgilian Park, you can see the steep tuff walls that end up in the sea, forming the Bay of Trentaremi with its archaeological remains, and the Submerged Park of Gaiola.



Via Aniello Falcone

On a winding road suspended between the hill of Vomero and the Riviera di Chiaia, it is possible to admire an amazing panorama that embraces the gulf of the city with its characteristic "arch", from Castel dell'Ovo to Mergellina. You can choose to walk along the sidewalk "outside", overlooking the wall from which you can enjoy the breathtaking view, including trees, houses, down to the waterfront, or cross the road and sit at the tables of one of the many bars that make this road one of the most popular to spend happy hour moments and to experience the nightlife.

At the end of the road, before going down Via Tasso, you will reach a widening, Largo Madre Teresa of Calcutta, where there is also a statue dedicated to her. From here the panorama opens up to become really exciting. We suggest you go at sunset, when the atmosphere becomes more evocative and magical.

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