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The best steakhouses in Naples

Best Steak House in Naples

Meat rare, medium or well cooked? Here's where to find the perfect steak in the best steakhouses in Naples!

For meat gourmets, fans of coals, grills and barbecues, it is impossible to miss them best steakhouse in Naples.

The city offers a wide choice of steakhouses that offer cuts of meat in line with Neapolitan tastes and gastronomic habits, often not corresponding to American pieces.
Thus conceived, therefore, the braceria is very appreciated by the Neapolitans, who love to taste many types of meat and roasts, accompanied by delicious side dishes and the unfailing glass of wine.

The city's steakhouses guarantee excellent quality meat prepared by competent chefs and able to cook them "dot" and invent more imaginative and always tasty dishes. Here's where to try the best.


The Scottona

La Scottona is a young and modern place located in the Gianturco district. Leaning on one of the top butchers in Campania, Nettuno, which boasts more than sixty years of experience, offers excellent meat dishes cooked to perfection.
One of the most loved dishes by patrons is the T-bone cut from 700 to 950 grams, accompanied by various side dishes. There is also the possibility to order pizza. Good desserts are also good. Provided wine list, service young and kind, environment relaxed. Excellent value for money.

burgers of La Scottona

planet +081 734 0411 Via Galileo Ferraris, 199 / 203


Uncle Jack

Called the "kingdom of meat and gourmets", Uncle Jack, located near the waterfront of Naples, represents the most loved steakhouse in the Neapolitan carnivores, for l'very high quality, the wide variety and generous quantities of its dishes. The most popular delicacies are fillets, medallions, roasts, ribs, roast kebabs, barbecues andgiant hamburger stuffed with ham and cheese. The contours are also particularly popular Jacked Potato, the delicious sauces, the combination of melted meat / cheddar and the superb desserts. The environment is hospitable and the quality / price ratio is excellent.

Uncle Jack's steak

planet +081 240 5151 Via Palepoli


the good, the bad and the ugly

This steakhouse is located inside a suggestive cave and offers varied and top quality meats, accompanied by excellent wines.
Banquets of relaxation and taste have as protagonists coals tender and buttery, famous above all for the Florentine from 900 gr, the scallona picanha, the roasts and the cut texane. The first ones are also very sought after, as well as tastings of cured meats and cheeses and home made outlines. Prices are medium to high and staff are well organized.


planet 081 505050 Rampe S. Antonio at Posillipo 45 - Naples


Steak House of De Biase Gennaro

Located in the heart of Vomero, this steakhouse was born from the idea of ​​Domenico Colantuono, a professional butcher. It is very appreciated for the wide choice of both local and international meats accompanied by side dishes of fresh vegetables. In addition to meat specialties, it is possible to order first or second courses such as paccheri with yellow cherry tomato pesto or antipasti of salami and DOP cheeses. Very well stocked wine and craft beer list and above all carefully selected among the Campania excellences. Good homemade desserts such as the creme brulée au gratin with brown sugar.

biase angus

planet 0815786605 Via Belvedere, 1


Braceria Pastore

The Braceria Pastore is a very essential place where only the quality of meat and raw materials matters. As soon as you enter there is the embers visible and you immediately feel the scent of the meat. The choice of meat and pork butchery products is done in the butchery located next to the grill. The wine and craft beer list is vast and among the best. Excellent desserts from Marigliano that end well the meal. Clean and welcoming place, friendly staff.

The meat of Braceria Pastore

planet 081 643958 Via Caravaggio, 58



By day butchery, in the evening very popular steakhouse. It is called MacelleGria defined by the Neapolitans "a true pleasure for the palate". The small restaurant serves excellent quality meats and cooked masterfully.
Among the most listed delights appear the Florentine "Lady",mixed cut, the steak of the norcina, the grilled mortadella, the bombette, the skewers and the traditional fried pork.
The chips of the house are also essential. Wine list sought. Prices come in average, the atmosphere is refined and youthful.

Slice of meat Macellegria

planet +081 036 3065 Via Pasquale Formisano, 10


Il Cellaio Carni and Vini

Only 40 covered for this exclusive and welcoming local a few steps from the Villa Comunale. Menu with few choices but extremely accurate and harmonized with the well-stocked wine cellar. Sought meat dishes and from the excellent quality like the beef tartare or the cut with rocket and flakes. They periodically organize some theme nights food with raw materials that make up a special menu. The desserts are also excellent. Medium-high prices absolutely proportionate to the quality and location.

Entrecote al Cellaio, meat and wines

medium-high +081 764 1380 Via Carlo Poerio, 54


Borrachera Cellar

This steakhouse-pub is always full of patrons who gather to try the excellent quality meat dishes.
The menu is vast and for all tastes and at the back of the room there is a large butcher's shop where you can choose your favorite cut to be cooked. Very good appetizers even if it is better to keep in mind the abundance of the portions if you want to taste the meat dishes. Wide choice of meats also more details like the Scottona's ribs or Prussian meat served on lava stone. Good selection of craft beers. Excellent quality / quantity / price ratio.

Prussian meat at the Borrachera Cellar in Naples

planet +347 569 2783 Via San Domenico, 154


La Barbera Winery

Refined cellar that takes its name from the Art Nouveau building where it is located and which occupies two levels: the cellar and the pub.
Intimate and welcoming atmosphere, also very suitable for romantic evenings. Good choices of the first in particular the Genoese and interesting appetizers from mini fry to the cutting board with meats and cheeses accompanied by fragrant pizza bread. Excellent quality meat and by cooking strictly underdone. Excellent wine cellar and choice of craft beers. Good quality / price ratio.

the barbera cellar

medium-high +081 229 2357 Via Raffaele Morghen 36 / A


The Fattoria del Campiglione

Slightly out of the way but the quality of raw materials makes it worthwhile to use the navigator.
Rustic location and often very busy so it is booking is advisable. Good choice of appetizers with generous portions. The meat, of course, is the host and on the menu prices are per kg and not per portion. The Campiglione farm also specializes in foreign meats and their main dishes are there Argentine meat and Black angus. The desserts are also good. Excellent quantity / price ratio.

Fillet at the Campiglione farm in Pozzuoli

planet +081 526 3733 Via Vicinale Campana 2, Pozzuoli