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The best butchers pubs in Naples


All Neapolitan carnivores can enjoy the most succulent meat in the best butcher's shops in Naples!

To taste quality meat, in Naples there are the typical butchers pub and in the best of the city there are unmissable dishes.

In fact, in the Neapolitan table, in addition to the fish-based menus, there is also the meat, one of the dishes eaten by Neapolitans especially in the classic pubs on Saturday night and Sunday for lunch.

In tune with the new gastronomic fashions, which see the fishmongers turn into excellent restaurants, so too butchersIn the evening, they become famous pubs where you can taste excellent quality meat.

Meatballs, mega burgers, succulent sandwiches, sausages and many other delicious meat delicacies are the protagonists of these local specials which are very popular and frequented by the Neapolitans.


Tortora paninomacelleria

Born as a small take away after the evening closing, it became thanks to the meat quality and to the skill of Mario Tortora, one of the Neapolitan references for sandwiches. Its two rooms where you can sit in addition to the original take away are always crowded with patrons. Tortora meat has been chosen by Sorbillo as one of the condiments of fried pizzas in his local "Da Zia Esterina". To try them meatballs with cream of peppers or the "Super Mario", with walnut cream. For the more adventurous there are the XXL sandwiches with hamburgher of chianina. Not to be missed even if a bit of waiting is to be considered.

economic (081) 556 0866 Viale Michelangelo, 42


Cerrone Burger

With a beautiful location, just in front of the sea, the quality of products , wide selection of meats and side dishes, Cerrone Burger is one of the most popular places in Naples. The kindness of the staff and the cellar of beers and wines well furnished complete the picture of a successful restaurant. Very high quality / price ratio. A second venue was inaugurated in Via Manzona with more than 150 seats.

planet (081) 769 0276 Via S.Strato, 12


D'Ausilio Macelleria and Burger Grill

In the butcher's shop and burger grill D'Ausilio you can try both sandwiches and plate versions fine meats also foreign such as l'angus and kobe. THE portions are bloated.
The only flaw is the waiting time, however, is amply repaid by the goodness of the sandwiches and appetizers such as pugliese bombette or skewers. Excellent quantity / quality / price ratio.

economic (081) 790 1382 Via Tarsia, 9


Pine Paninomacelleria

The butcher Pino defines itself as the "king of sandwiches". What makes their "royal" sandwich? Surely the meat of the highest quality taken from a local supplier but above all the completely home-made side dishes and ingredients from Campania. THE cold cuts I'm also from own production as well as wurstel and products with controlled meat. As a final touch add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil so as not to lose its qualities.
The price / quality / quantity ratio is excellent and it is hard not to find patrons to taste the sandwiches.

economic (081) 780 7478 Via Colonnello Lahalle 39


Agribraceria Carpineto

Among the most popular, the Agribraceria of Fattoria Carpineto is located in the Hospital area in what is the courtyard of the Superò, by the Rusciano brothers who manage the butchery counter, where they sell meat coming from their farm.
Must try the Fattore sandwich, a specialty that changes biweekly and the "300-mince with a knife", selections of Marche cut with a knife with various side dishes (for example with Gorgonzola fondue, Guanciale crunchy and Bari broccoli).
As an entrée there is the Appetitoso, a mix of grilled specialties with pugliesi bombette, arrosticini, ribs and potatoes strictly fresh and cut by hand.
The place is very rustic and you should always keep in mind that it is closer to the concept of streetfood than restaurant. Thanks to the lack of service and covered you only pay for the quality of the meat and the prices can be medium-economic. Quality / quantity / price ratio spettacolare.

Middle income 081 5464385 via Gaetano Salvatore, 457



La MacelleGria is a delicious and very popular butcher-shop where you can taste top quality meat. Thanks to the window at the entrance to the restaurant, you can choose your own piece of carnand and indicate the desired cooking. Among the most famous and appreciated dishes are the skewers with flavored breadcrumbs, the pugliesi bombette, the legendary Florentine, the hamburger, the pork butchery, carpaccios and the famous mixed tagliata, accompanied by seasonal side dishes and excellent desserts.
Very fine cut chips by hand are also very good.
Prices are average and the environment is warm and welcoming.

planet (081) 036 3065 Via Pasquale Formisano, 10



This historic butcher has joined the usual activity that of gastronomy. Stopping point in the historic center is famous for its sandwiches that combine various meat processes with the typical side dishes of the Neapolitan tradition. Try the sandwiches with meatball with meat sauce and potatoes or that sausage peppers and provola. More generous portions and streetfood prices, it does not have a room to sit down. Relationship excellent quantity / price.

planet (081) 551 6404 Via San Biagio Dei Librai 127


Butcher's hamburgeria From Gigione

Pomigliano d'Arco Gigione is one of the most famous and good butchers-pubs in the province of Naples. With the passing of the years the menu it has become more and more good gourmet food and we note the continuous research of the better raw material and of the combinations between the traditional and the new.
The meat, vegetables and beers are of excellent quality and all the side dishes are handmade according to the seasonality of the vegetables. An innovation that will come into force within the first two months of the 2017 is the digital menu available via tablet on the tables and will be useful to highlight a whole series of information such as allergens, the best pairings or even just the calorie bill. To be tried absolutely even if there is always a lot of crowds. There are two offices, one of which is just for take-away (via Roma 307, Pomigliano D'Arco).

planet (081) 040 3392 Via Triste 71, Pomigliano D'Arco


Butcher's Sandwich Egidio

Defined as a real institution, the Great Butcher Egidio is one of the most popular pubs butcher shops in Portici.
Thanks to the quality, the genuineness and the variety of its meats, the menu of the well-known local porticense offers different and succulent dishes such as crumbled, the arrosticini, the hamburger with Iberian bacon, the roast pork from Ariccia, the cordon bleau, the frankfurters and the famous fresh chips with fried mortadella.
The prices are cheap, the environment friendly, the taste and relaxation assured, what do you want more?

economic (081) 775 4631 Piazza Poli, 13 / 15, Portici



Born from an idea of ​​the owner of the historic butcher's shop in Puglia and chef Michele, this rustic place with very few seats, so much so that booking is recommended, focuses on the goodness of meat and raw materials. Strong points of Almì are the chopping board of cured meats and cheeses of own production or the cut with seasonal side dishes. There are no lack of more specific choices like it fried dumpling with provola.
Wide and good selection of wines. Also the desserts are always very good.
Cheap prices with excellent quality / price ratio.

planet (081) 868 0124 Via Giulio Cesare 116, Bacoli