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Where to dance in Naples: best clubs and discos

Discos and clubs for dancing in Naples

The best clubs, clubs and discos to go dancing in Naples.

For lovers of nightlife made of dances on the track and DJ sets, Naples offers a wide variety of clubs and discos where you can unleash.
Whether for elegant clubs or romantic places by the sea, anyone will have the opportunity to choose the best venue based on their musical tastes. In the city, in fact, you can dance on the notes of the hits of the moment or of great classics of the past, between dance music, house, hip hop, reggae, revival and Latin American.

Here is a selection of the best clubs and discos most frequented in Naples.


Nabilah is a club that It is located in Bacoli, on the beach, and is among the most famous in the whole of Campania. On summer nights it is always very crowded and you can dance to the sounds of DJ sets with Italian and international guests at the console that broadcast music of all kinds, including dance, house and revival.
At the entrance there is always one very careful selection to ensure that the environment is peaceful and often pool parties are also organized. There are 3 open bars, the choice of cocktails is very wide and it is not allowed to bring drinks or food from outside.

It is open only in summer.

Nabilah summer disco in Bacoli, province of Naples

Address: Via Romana Beach 15 - 80070 Bacoli (Naples)


L'Arenile is a seaside resort located in the district of Bagnoli, by day it is a beach, but in the evening it becomes a disco. It is active all year round and it is also location of concerts and parties of various types. In the summer the disco is on the beach and on several days of the week theme nights are organized according to the musical genre (dance, house, revival, reaggae), but often the DJ set for dancing starts after the concerts that take place on the stage by the sea.
In winter, the interior space is exploited which is also equipped with various bar stations to sip a drink or a drink.

The Arenile di Bagnoli nightclub in Naples

Address: Via Coroglio, 14b - 80124 Naples


A Pozzuoli rises the historic Dejavu, one of the favorite destinations of the inhabitants of Naples and surroundings. In addition to being able to dine in the restaurant or stop at the bar for a drink with friends, at Dejavu you can spend the night dancing and having fun thanks to the DJ sets that broadcast music of all kinds.
In the venue, however, are often organized concerts with important Italian and international names, but also theme nights such as acoustic, which usually follows the DJ set for those who want to stay. Do not miss the bartenders who can prepare dozens of good drinks.

The restaurant is open all year.

Discotheque and club Dejavu in Pozzuoli

Address: Forcella square - 80138 Naples

Lost Paradise

The Lost Paradise is another Bacoli beach club, ideal for dancing during summer evenings. It is completely surrounded by greenery and, while during the day you can relax on the beach or in the pool, at night you can go wild and dance on the beach with the disco music. There are no bar stations to drink some cocktail and eat sandwiches or snacks and the prices are not too high. The environment is always quiet, the staff that welcomes guests very helpful and kind and the experience of enjoying the beautiful sunset over the sea is unparalleled.

The Lost Paradise is open only in summer.

Beach club and nightclub Lost Paradise in Bacoli

Address: Via Castello, 95 - 80070 Bacoli (Naples)

Lanificio 25

The 25 Lanificio is a rare example of industrial archeology in Naples because in the eighteenth century it was a wool factory, while today it is an active artistic and cultural center where concerts and theme nights are organized. Its unique charm derives from its history and it is very suggestive to spend an evening in its interior. Often there are concerts by local groups, but also DJ sets with guests of international caliber and dancing you can almost breathe the secular atmosphere that surrounds it. There is also a bar and you can choose from a variety of drinks from the menu.

The 25 Lanificio is open all year.

Disco and local Lanificio 25 in Naples

Address: Piazza Enrico de Nicola, 46 - 80139 Naples

Duel Beat

The Duel Beat is a club that is born from the ashes of a cinema with two rooms, then transformed into a room that provides both discos and spaces for other themed events. During the year, in fact, there are concerts of all kinds of music, but also markets or special shows. The DJ sets that are set up often provide the console DJ of international importance that transmit disco music, house, hip hop, reggae or revival, to meet the musical tastes of all types of customers. The disco evenings are held especially during the weekend, but there are concerts during the week.

The Duel Beat is open all year.

Club Duel Beat in Naples

Address: various places and buildings of Naples

Imperial Club

The Imperial Club is one of the most famous nightclubs in Naples, located on the highest hill of the city, near the Camaldoli Park and is specialized in evenings of Latin music. The friendly staff, the colored and soft lights and the parquet floor make the place very elegant and pleasant to spend a whole night with a good selection of music. The environment is selected thanks to the careful checks at the entrance and there is also the bar station to order drinks and various drinks. Ideal for those who want to let loose on the notes of the South American music, including salsa, bachata, bossa nova and cha cha cha.

The club is open all year.

Imperial Club disco in Naples

Address: Via San Romualdo, 33 - 80131 Naples


Hbtoo is one of the trendiest clubs in Naples which blends disco, restaurant and sushi bar in a unique modern and trendy concept. The structure is very elegant, with a refined design and offers international food, cultural events and art along with Musical evenings and entertainment. Every Saturday we organize evenings to dance with great DJs to the console and are often animated by the famous and engaging Dj Headband. All the structure is very large, in fact it consists of two open space lofts of about 1000 square meters each.

Hbtoo is open all year.

Club Hbtoo in Naples

Address: Via Coroglio, 156 - 80124 Naples

Posillipo Theater

Despite its name, the Posillipo Theater is one real disco frequented above all by the most elegant and rich Naples. Once a cinema, then became a theater and a cabaret, it is currently a club completely renovated and divided into three levels. In addition to dance floor there is also a large private space and an area to dine in. To the lounge bar there are very friendly and competent barmen who can advise the customer on the most suitable cocktail for the evening and its needs. At the Posillipo Theater, private parties can also be organized and themed events are held during the festivities.

It is open all year.

Posillipo Theater in Naples

Address: Via Posillipo, 66 - 80123 Naples


The Living is a place that is located in Varcaturo and that works both as a disco and as a restaurant. Often the two activities work in parallel, as in the case of special holidays such as Valentine's Day or Carnival, for which there is a formula with dinner in a restaurant and dance night on the dance floor. The furniture is quite elegant enriched by smoked glass, collectible chandeliers, refined sofas and tables and the musical selection is very varied. At the console they take turns Italian and international DJs offering all kinds of music, from the revival years 70 and 80 to modern dance and electronics.

The Living is open all year.

Living Club Disco in Varcaturo

Address: Via Ripuaria, 257 - 80014 Giugliano in Campania (Naples)