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Visit Vesuvius, how to get ready to visit it

Visit the Vesuvius represents a unique experience that is rare to live in nature and appreciate one of the most popular destinations in the world. This volcano it is a distinctive feature of the city of Naples that intimidates but at the same time brings the terrand of the district to be rich in many properties.

This volcano, currently defined in quiescence because it has not been active for many centuries, has always tickled the imagination of Neapolitan citizens seen with reverence and respect. There are many people who every year decide to face his climb because this volcano is a part of a very large natural park with a series of very important natural beauties.

visit Vesuvius, one of those cose to do in life

NYou should never be afraid to visit a new place and make new visits and experiences because these are what allow us to grow as people. Of course living in concert with nature is very important but it is also to pay attention to one's own health so it is necessary to make all the necessary measures to avoid risking the safety of life.

How should you behave if you decide to visit Vesuvius?

Essendo an almost uncontaminated placeo, It is good to prepare yourself in the best way for this new adventure so you can make the most out of the fun. First of all it is advisable to use very comfortable clothes in order to alleviate the tiredness of the march. So it is necessary towear shoes and gym clothes.

Aeven the weather should be kept in great shape considhuh, because the rain could ruin the experience. Other necessary information is the ticket price to enter the natural park which is 10 euro but it's free for children. The price includes the guides but not the transport by private individuals. Finally, it is important to remember that it takes about an hour and a half to complete the exploration of the volcano.

What are the best ways to reachand Vesuvius?

Ithe volcano and the park are very well connectedi, with a series of communication routes that make the journey very easy. InFacts, it is possible to reach this destination by rail, even if it is not able to offer an adequate service. Another way is represented by private buses that go to create a complete coverage of this route. Finally, there is your own car, which allows greater freedom of movement. Then, in addition to the volcano if you opt for a medium it is really possible and advisable to visit Pompeii and Herculaneum.

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