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Cornets, bread, pizzas and crostoni with charcoal in Naples: local 4 not to be missed

Vegetable charcoal sandwich, the best places in Naples

The charcoal also arrives in Naples in tasty and succulent baked goods, here's where to eat the best!

Among the gastronomic novelties that are lately fashionable in Naples are the bakery products prepared with vegetable charcoal.

Thanks to this component the culinary preparations take on an unusual nature black coloring which hides numerous beneficial properties.

Indeed, plant charcoal, or activated charcoal, is a food supplement used for relieve some digestive disorders like abdominal colitis and swelling. Generally, vegetable carbon products are obtained by mixing the flour with activated carbon powder which gives a black color to the mixture.

Among the places in Naples that offer croissants, bread, pizzas and vegetable charcoal croutons, we suggest you four cities.

The Crustone Canaglia

rogue crout

Il Crusty Canaglia represents one of the most loved and frequented crostonerie by the Neapolitans. Thanks to the excellent quality of bread, prepared by hand, you can taste delicious 0 flour croutons, whole or with walnuts, filled with succulent ingredients and endless combinations. The innovative is also noteworthy vegetable charred crust, soft, fragrant and with beneficial properties, filled with many fresh and genuine products. The quality / price ratio is great, the environment warm, welcoming and friendly for an experience that certainly deserves an encore.

Address and telephone:  Via Scarlatti 190 - 081 5564113 | Via Alabardieri 15 - 081 402793

Rescigno bakery

bakery rescigno

Already famous for the quality and fragrance of its bread, the Rescigno Bakery also provides excellent vegetable charcoal sandwiches. The well-known local Bagnoli is always crowded thanks to the goodness of its always excellent bread, of different types and the latest gastronomic fashion. Thanks to the exceptional leavening with mother yeast and to the cooking in the oven "to fascine" autochthono, every day Rescigno produces mezzelune, pizzette, loaves, sandwiches to the activated carbon, the mythical cazzilli (bread with spicy salami and cheese) and many other goodies, all to try.

Address: Via Di Niso, 29
Phone: 081 5261125

Trattoria Vanvitelli

vanvitelli restaurant

The pizza chefs of Trattoria Vanvitelli are always attentive to the new dietary needs of the Neapolitans. For these reasons the well-known local Vomerese makes available to its customers the delicious "Pizza in black", or pizza made with vegetable charcoal. The secret lies in the dough where together with the flour and the yeast, the activated carbon in powder, odorless and tasteless is added, giving a splendid black color and so many beneficial properties for the organism. Neapolitan pizza at Trattoria Vanvitelli is good, beautiful and good!

Address: Piazza Vanvitelli, 9 / c
Phone: 081 5563015