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LGBT in Naples: bars, pubs and gay friendly squares in the city

Clubs, bars, squares and places for the LGBT community in Naples

The locals and gay friendly places of Naples, frequented by the LGBT community.

Naples is continuously at the forefront of the fight against discrimination of all kinds, including sexual, and is increasingly set up as a gay-friendly city. There LGBT community can find different points of reference to have fun, to compare and participate in cultural events in local, bar, squares and also beaches.

These are places of aggregation for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals and trangers or simply friendly places open to the LGBT world.

Here is a list of the most popular places in Naples by the gay community.

Piazza Bellini

Piazza Bellini is one of the busiest squares in the historic center and is the heart of the nightlife for the LGBT community of Naples, especially for the presence of many gay friendly clubs. It is immersed in the fullmore alternative and cultural area of the city, being a few steps from the historic Conservatory of San Pietro a Majella, from the Academy of Fine Arts, from the bookshops of Port'Alba (one of the ancient entrance roads of Naples) and is full of literary cafes and shops of musical instruments. In the center of the square the remains of the walls of the Greek Neapolis are preserved.

Piazza Bellini in the historic center of Naples

Address: Piazza Bellini - 80138 Naples


Also called "Common House of Diversity", The Arcigay of Naples is an association founded in 1985 and since then fights against all kinds of discrimination related to the LGBT world. It deals with the defense of the civil rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals and transgender both by promoting cultural activities, both initiatives for the recovery of marginalization and recreational and social events. You can contact the Arcigay to communicate any kind of problem or discomfort related to the LGBT world because they are active a legal office, a friendly phone, a health desk, social-psychological support and there are study rooms. Anyone can participate in the activities and the many events organized by the Common House.

Flags of the Arcigay in Naples

Address: Via S. Francesco de Geronimo, 19 - 80139 Naples

Intra Moenia

It is a literary coffee Piazza Bellini and has been a gay-friendly club for many years, very popular with the LGBT community. They are organized meetings with writers, evenings of live music It offers a wide selection of drinks, coffees, hot chocolates, milkshakes, wines and beers. With its activities it also wants to contribute to the enhancement of the historic center and is often the final or initial stage of guided tours organized by cultural associations. It is also very pleasant to attend it alone to sit comfortably at the table and read a book own or one of those found in the small library of the local.

The Intra Moenia literary café in Piazza Bellini in Naples

Address: Piazza Bellini 70 - 80138 Naples

Colored Beach

Colored Beach is the first beach in Campania dedicated to the LGBT community and it is located in Castel Volturno. It is managed by Macho Lato, one of the reference points for socializing and community fun in Naples, and its motto is "you can be what you want and not what others want".
It is a real beach with umbrellas, deckchairs, swimming pools with solarium, american bar, grill-restaurant, disco, lounge area, hammocks and private rooms. You can have fun all day with the animation service and with the music of the DJs.

Colored Beach, the beach for the LGBT community in Castel Volturno

Address: Litorale Domitio Location Ponte A Mare, Via Dante Alighieri - Castel Volturno - 81030 Caserta

Volver Cafè

The restaurant is located near Piazza Bellini and is a café-bar, but also a place to spend pleasant evenings with friends. The Volver is one of the most famous playrooms Naples, in fact, between a drink and a bite you can have fun with table games or cards that are made available to all. Frequently they are also organized tournaments of company games to which anyone can participate. On some evenings of the week, especially weekends, it organizes evenings and theme for gays and lesbians.

The local Volver Cafè in Naples, in the historic center

Address: Via Vincenzo Bellini 55 / 59 - 80135 Naples

Ghetto Crime Bar

It is located in the Chiaia district, in one of the busiest areas of Naples both day and night. It is the area of ​​the famous bars of San Pasquale and the Ghetto Crime Bar is a very cozy little place where members of the LGBT community gather to have a drink or chat. The environment is refined and refined, it transmits constantly good music, especially in the genre of hip hop and reggaeton, to entertain guests and often organize dj sets or special events.

The local Ghetto Crime Bar in Naples

Address: via Giuseppe Ferrigni, 21 - 80121 Naples

Hotel de Charme

The Hotel del Charme is one of Chiaia's small rooms and has been home to many years cycle of meetings with authors and actors where the public can compare with the artists. You create lovable and informal conversations on the theme chosen for each appointment and in general the issues that face the fight against all kinds of discrimination, the guiding thread of the initiative. Furthermore, one is staged theathral show and we exploit art, writing, culture and theater to combat homotransnphobia and all other forms of racism and exclusion.

The Hotel del Charme in Naples in the Chiaia district

Address: Chiaja Hotel de Charme, via Chiaia 216 - 80121 Naples

The time of wine and roses

It is a literary café and bistro in Piazza Dante, often home to presentations of books or initiatives on homosexuality and the fight against sexual discrimination. The owner is a Sicilian writer, Rosanna Bazzano, who strongly wanted to give a cultural imprint to her local, soon became a stimulating meeting place and suitable for sharing and exchanging ideas. It is also attended by LGBT activists and it is not uncommon to witness the declamation of poems and live concerts.

The restaurant The time of wine and roses in Piazza Bellini in Naples

Address: Piazza Dante, 44 / 45 - 80135 Naples

Lemme Lemme

The Lemme Lemme is a Internet-bar and it is one of the most popular places in Piazza Bellini. The owners define it as a "concept bar" and it is the right place to eat something sipping a great drink, while listening to good music in the background. It is frequented especially at aperitif time and its powerful Wi-Fi network allows you to connect to the internet even if you are sitting at the outside tables, a very useful service for those who need to work on the pc. Together with Intra Moenia, it is among the most gay friendly places in the square.

The local Lemme Lemme in Piazza Bellini in Naples

Address: Piazza Bellini, 74 - 80138 Naples

Bubble Six

The Bubble Six is ​​located in the historic center of Naples and is a bar overlooking the city evocative square in which is located the Church of Santa Maria La Nova, famous for the probable presence inside of the Tomba di Dracula. It is a suitable location to spend a few hours in company with a drink or a coffee and to eat something. It also has a large bookcase and it does bookcrossing service. It is a famous point of aggregation of the center and among the reference points of the LGBT community.

The Bubble Six bar in the center of Naples

Address: Piazza S. Maria la Nova 22 - 80134 Naples