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HomeWhat to seeThe islands of the Gulf of Naples: information and curiosities about Capri, Ischia, Procida and Vivara

The islands of the Gulf of Naples: information and curiosities about Capri, Ischia, Procida and Vivara

The Faraglioni in Capri

Le Neapolitan islands They are beautiful pearls set in the gulf, and each year bring thousands of people from Italy and abroad who want to spend days immersed in nature and close to an exceptional coast. Deciding to spend the holidays in one of these places means to be able to dive and visit all the beauties that the gulf in general can offer.

What are the Neapolitan islands and why visit them?

When you decide to go on holiday in Naples, you need to know the characteristics of this beautiful city because there is a part on the mainland that succeeds offers a great range of opportunities to have fun, passing at best your stay in the capital of Campania.

The islands are an equally interesting part, especially if you have the main objective of diving, because the Gulf of Naples, given its history, morphological characteristics and the surrounding sea, is able to offer a lot of beauties a lot interesting. The main Neapolitan islands are Ischia, Capri, Vivara and you can then decide whether to spend the whole holiday on an island or break it and visit all the islands of the gulf.

Capri, probably one of the most interesting Neapolitan islands

The island of Capri is one of the most recognizable islands in the world, because one goes to talk about a very famous area not only for the beauty of its territory and the sea, but also because this is a destination loved by movie stars and from celebrities in general. Among all the magic that characterizes this island, the Faraglioni represent a very fascinating place to reach by boat and maybe take a picnic lunch while sunbathing and admire one of the most evocative landscapes in the world.

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Ischia, an excellent choice for a fun vacation among the Neapolitan islands

Ischia is very popular because it is divided between the sea and the spa. This island is considered to be the largest spa on the globe, because thanks to its volcanic origin there are many thermal water springs that make the holidays much more comfortable and excellent to relax and recharge their energy to resume their lives with more energy.

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Procida, a small island to be discovered entirely on foot

The island of Procida is of volcanic origin and geologically is part of the area of ​​the Campi Flegrei. Also includes the island of Vivara with which it is connected via a bridge and which was occupied by Micenei around the XVI-XV century BC The island is divided into 9 contrade, defined gancìe.

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Vivara, the smallest of the Neapolitan islands

Vivara is the smallest of the islands of the Neapolitan city, but it is equally beautiful becoming an excellent destination to visit. It is important to remember, however, that you cannot stay and you can only visit this place with a special permit. Therefore, to see this place it will be necessary to prepare and organize well in advance.

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