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Cheap places in Naples: eat well and spend a little

Cheap and good restaurants

The best cheap places in Naples where you can eat very well spending less than 20 euro: here are our tips.

Naples is famous for its culinary tradition and for the many rooms that can be found around the city.

We have collected a selection of rooms fromhigh quality that allow eat well without spending a lot and above all that will allow the patrons to enjoy the true traditional cuisine without compromise.

Neapolitan cuisine not only traditional, but also sustainable thanks to the locals like O'grin who manage to make anyone passionate about their vegan cuisine or as theAgribraceria Carpineto who cooks meat from his farms.

Here are our tips not to be missed to be able to eat under the euro 20 in Naples, without forgetting that the city offers many unusual places or also starred restaurants.

From Nennella

The trattoria Nennella is now a 'establishment of ancient popular cuisine Neapolitan since the post-war period, famous above all for the pasta and potatoes with the provola.

There are two formulas for eating at Nennella: full menu with antipasto a 15 € and full menu without appetizer a 12 €.

Every day we offer different types of pasta dishes, main courses of fish or meat and side dishes with seasonal vegetables. The restaurant is always very busy not only for the gastronomic offer, but also for thefolk reception of managers.


economic Vico Lungo Teatro Nuovo, 103 / 104 / 105, 80134 Naples 081414338

Tandem Ragù

Tandem Ragù is part of the group of four rooms in the historic center of Naples and is specialized, as is evident from the name, in Neapolitan ragout.

The dishes are of quality and abundant, in fact, on average, 6 euro is spent for a generous plate of pasta with meat sauce and 8 euro for a second of meat: average cost of 12 euro for a lunch with wine and coffee.

For the sweet tooth there is the possibility to order only the sauce accompanied by bread to make "scarpetta"On the plate, like at grandma's house. A particularity of the local is the "one euro per minute" formula which allows you to order gravy and bread and pay for every minute used to consume it.


economic Tandem Ragù: Via Paladino, 51 - 80134 Naples 08119002468

La Campagnola

The trattagnola Campagnola is located in via dei Tribunali, right in the heart of the historic center of Naples. Outside the room there is a sign that immediately makes clear its position of the owners: "here you eat well and spend a little".

The menu changes daily basis according to the traditional weekly rotation of the Neapolitan families and everything is prepared by the owners with ingredients fresh e possibly in season. The service is polite and there is the possibility of having a high chair for the little ones.

Great prices and possibility of take-out.


economic 081 459034 Via dei Tribunali, 47 - 80138 Naples

Osteria di Donna Teresa

Donna Teresa's tavern is a historic restaurant of Vomero, a stone's throw from the main funiculars and the Metro 1 line.

The place is small and the management is familiar, so at weekends you could meet greater expectations, although the service is still fast. The atmosphere is homely, almost Spartan, and the dishes reflect exactly the place: here you can savor one ancient and home cookingas if you were going back to eating with your grandmother.

There is not a fixed menu and the dishes available depend on the raw materials that the owners have found fresh at the market, but we point out theirs Meatballs, much loved by patrons. A typical lunch (first, second and side) costs around 12 €.


economic 0815567070 Via Michele Kerbaker, 58 - 80129 Naples

Agribraceria Carpineto

The Carpineto agribraceria is a pub butcher that opened one new headquarters in Mariglianella, preserving the historical site in the courtyard of the Superò in the Ospedaliera area.

The specialty of the house is the grilled meat from their farms and cooked between smoker and embers with charcoal. Do not miss theAppetizing, appetizer for two people that includes the arrosticini, the pugliesi bombette and the ribs that are definitely one of their battle horses (10 euro). Every week the Agribraceria offers a different "Sandwich of the Factor"With selected ingredients and kilometer zero (10 euro).

Not just meat, but also vegetarian alternatives with the "farmer's dishes" that include side dishes with seasonal vegetables and bread made with mother yeast. To accompany the dishes homemade beers, wines or soft drinks.


economic 0815464385 Via Gaetano Salvatore, 457 - 80131 Naples | Via Variante 7 Bis, 22 - 80030 Mariglianella (Naples)

Osteria della Mattonella

THEOsteria della Mattonella it's a local characteristic which still preserves the original structure with basalt floor and above all with the "riggiole", traditional hand-painted tiles that cover the room.

La management of the premises is familiar and you still follow the recipes of the grandmother of the current owners.
Good i fish dishes, but the first ones are spectacular, including sovereign reigns the Genoese (6 euro). Among the latter there is a good choice between fish and meat (from 5 to 10 euro per dish).


economic 081416541 Via Giovanni Nicotera, 13, 80132 Naples

Osteria Il Gobbetto

The Osteria il Gobbetto it is a local that is in the initial part of the Spanish Neighborhoods, very close to the tourist part, but slightly out of the chaos.

The interior decor and decorations of the tavern want to give the illusion of eat in the alleys of a historic Naples and the waiters themselves are dressed in traditional clothes.

Specialists in fish dishes strictly with fresh Mediterranean fish and in Neapolitan dishes, they are also famous for their fries. The waiters will always be happy to help you with your choices and to list you with off-the-menu dishes.

To try the typical Antipasto of the Gobbetto (8 euro) which brings together all their specialties.


economic 0812512435 Via Sergente Maggiore, 8 - 80132 Naples

From Vittorio soon and well

Da Vittorio soon and well is a restaurant that combines a home environment and familiar to the passion forancient Neapolitan cuisine.

Il menu is daily and varies with the seasons depending on the raw materials available. Precisely for this reason it is good to arrive early at lunch because the dishes tend to finish quickly enough and often there is a row.

Very good prices that do not affect the quality and goodness of the dishes offered. As per the tradition portions are really abundant as well as take-out preparations.


economic 0815569115 Via Ugo Niutta, 23 - 80128 Naples

Cooked food Grandma Anna

The Cibi Cotti "Nonna Anna" restaurant takes its name from the cook and owner Anna Pappalardo who, with the help of her children and grandchildren, runs this place.

Located in the local market of Torretta, every day offers a different menu which ranges from the first to the second of meat and fish to desserts and to famous macedonia XXL.
The proposed kitchen is the typical Neapolitan cuisine but it is not heavy and is cooked with healthy ingredients of good quality.

The place is small, but the service is quick and courteous. Excellent value for money (contours to 3 euro) and it is possible to order takeaway food.


economic 081682844 Via Ferdinando Galiani, 24 - 80122 Naples


O 'Grin is a successful Neapolitan take away cuisine that perfectly combines taste with food vegan.

The proposed menus vary from day to day and include first courses, main courses, side dishes and desserts. If you are undecided between the proposals, as often happens,  you can order mixed dishes ("Both" for 4 euro and "terno" for 5 euro) which include two or three samples of dishes on the menu.
The desserts are also excellent (2,5 euro) and le biomerenne (3,5 euro).

Also to be reported attention to packaging which minimizes non-differentiable waste, the possibility of home delivery with bicycles and the kindness of the staff.


economic 0810480169 Via Mezzocannone, 83 - 80134 Naples